• Aromatherapy - Essential Oil Candles

    Bring a sense of tranquility and peace to your space. Our spa candles made with pure essential oils and are designed with your well-being in mind.

    Our Spa Collection aromatherapy candles are made with 100% pure luxurious essential oil, organic soy wax and sure to sweep you away.

  • Fragrance Oil Candles

    If you're looking to fill your home or business with invigorating scents, look no further. Our premium fragrance oil candles are vegan friendly, phthalate-free, free of any harmful chemicals and toxins so you'll never have to worry about safety.

Collection: Crystal Affirmation Candles

Our Crystal Aromatherapy Affirmation Candles are designed to aid in healing on all levels. Throughout our lifetimes, we experience physical, emotional and mental challenges. The crystals and gemstones paired with the essential oil that have been intentionally infused into our candles can prevent negative energies, help find clarity in your life, and  connect to your Higher Self. Further, each affirmation candle has been cleansed and reiki charged to intensify their powerful healing energy. .


CandleLux Crystal Aromatherapy Affirmation Candles can also be a thoughtful gift to your loved ones to give them assistance and strength on their healing journey.